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Mama Dog Was Bleeding When Her Owner Threw Her Out With Her 10 Newborn Puppies

The Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA) staffers arrived at work one morning to the appalling sight of a dumped frail Pit Bull nursing her newborn litter of 10 puppies outside their shelter doors. The Pit Bull mama (later named Daisy), was bleeding – which suggested that she was mercilessly tossed away outside the shelter shortly after she gave birth.

Daisy was neither tied up, nor did her owner leave her any food or water. But even in her tense situation, she chose to stick by the side of her vulnerable babies. The staff speculated that she suffered all through the cold night but her motherly instincts prevented her from leaving the babies.

By the time the 1-year-old Daisy was brought to the shelter, she was starving and exhausted. Birthing and caring for a litter so huge had taken its toll on her, and she was glad to finally look after her babies in the warmth of the kennel.

While the shelter was unable to track down the wretched person who dumped Daisy, they focused all their efforts toward finding Daisy and her puppies a suitable foster home. However, that turned out to be another challenge as the large size of the litter overwhelmed potential foster parents.

Eventually, Daisy lucked out when a man came forward to foster her and her little ones. Daisy was beyond thrilled to finally have home space with a responsible human looking out for her 24/7!

Despite her rough recent circumstances, this has turned out to be a big win for Daisy! She will be raising her babies in peace for the next few months, until they are all ready for adoptions. Daisy’s devotion as a hardworking mama has touched our hearts and we hope this beautiful family finds their forever homes soon!

Click the video below to watch Daisy being a terrific mama to her 10 puppies despite her misfortunes.

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