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“Scary” and “Terrible”: Melania Trump reaps criticism after bizarre birthday mail for son Barron

Trump’s son Barron is celebrating his 15th birthday and mother Melania wants to congratulate him on Twitter on his special day. The well-intentioned idea just backfires somehow – it earns a lot of criticism for it.

Washington – The idea wasn’t a bad one, but the implementation is a bit bizarre. Melania Trump, ex-first lady of the USA, congratulated her son Barron on his birthday via Twitter. So far so good. But the motif chosen by Donald Trump’s wife somehow doesn’t really spread the birthday mood.

Melania writes “Happy birthday BWT” on her Twitter account and adds three little hearts. “BWT” stands for Barron William Trump, as the offspring of the ex-US president is called by its full name. On the photo that Melanie posts to her text, two balloons can be seen that represent a “15”. That fits, because Barron celebrated his 15th birthday on Saturday (March 20th). Numerous social media users are bothered by something completely different.

Melania Trump with “scary” birthday greeting – “Looks bad”

Because the snapshot is very dark. The two balloons are black (or at least dark), so the photo looks very “dark” overall. “Even the birthday picture is in dark sepia tones, very strange,” commented a user on the birthday greeting. Sepia is a brown to gray-black dye that is extracted from the pouch of squid and that makes for “dark” images in photography. Somehow not quite so suitable for an actually happy event.

Correspondingly, there are further critical comments: “I hope you don’t raise a serial killer, as the ambience is and she calls your child” or “Why did I think that this is a creepy font with drops of blood or something? Damn it … this is the scariest birthday greeting I’ve ever seen! Looks bad ”can be read on social media. Another user sums it up almost to the point: “How festive! Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ to a 15-year-old more than a black balloon that seems to be dripping blood. “

Melania Trump congratulates her son on Twitter and misses her photo

By the way, Barron’s half-sister Tiffany made a better selection of images. She shared a snapshot of her with the birthday boy on Instagram. Both – a little younger in the photo – laugh heartily into the camera while Tiffany holds an XXL plush Minnie mouse in her hands. She writes: “Happy 15th birthday B! I love you.”

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