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A ‘Stone Statue’ Of A Dog Came Into The Life Of The Need S Redo

On his last leg in South Texas, a dog who resembled a stone statue arrived at a shelter. That poor boy was completely in the disease of hairless and his skin rough and dingy. 

That why he needs to in the best care unit. So, they called NYC Rescue Dogs Rock for help! By looking at him they couldn’t even determine what kind of dog he was.

At that time, it seems that Grinch is so sad and cut off from everything and everyone. Because he much has been suffering from that kind of illness for so long but no one could understand that exact cause.

The time to begin to fight was now! After that, they began to transfer Grinch to a local vet to begin treatment for his skin condition as well as other illnesses and make sure to take some weight.

After the treatment ended well dog needs to be placed in a foster home about a month later! On the other hand, Grinch was still shy and even backed away from other dogs. Isn’t he just beautiful now? all he needs is a second chance of liver to grow.

H/t: The Dodo

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