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Funky Accessories for Pets This Monsoon

As the monsoon is here in full swing, you must have already stocked up on your monsoon gear umbrellas, rainwear and footwear. But don’t forget that our furry friends also need to be prepared for the season. With pet stores stocked up with funky gears, there are lots of interesting and cool things that will certainly add colour to your pet’s looks. From bright coloured raincoats to funky socks and shoes, there’s a wide range of goodies to choose from.

So what’s in vogue for our furry friends? Roopa Chowdhary Ganatra, owner of a Pet store, says, “Raincoats in red, blue, yellow and army prints are doing the rounds. We also have anti-slip socks and shoes in funky colours.” These fancy things go a long way in protecting pets, adds Priya Poduval, owner of a pet resort. “The only time you need a raincoat or a jacket is when you take your pet out for a walk. So if your pet is used to a raincoat or a jacket, then it’s not an issue. Just in case he or she isn’t, then make sure you wipe them dry when they are back home.

At times, the pet’s coat might smell owing to humidity or because it has not dried properly. In such times, you can use pet body sprays that are available in various fragrances.” Priya also suggests that a dry bath is a good option during monsoons. She explained, “A dry bath spray applied on your pet’s coat, which is then wiped away with a cloth, is a great option in this weather. Doing this once a week is sufficient and since it is a herbal product, it has no side-effects. One can also use powder, but that at times, makes the coat sticky.” If you have pets who love to get wet in the rain, be prepared for a messy day.

Manvi Pittie, professional pet groomer, explained that monsoons are the time when pets are most prone to ticks and fungal infections and thus, keeping them clean should be a priority for pet parents. “As my dog is pretty hyper, I prefer using rain jackets. They are both comfortable and handy and need to just be tied around the pet’s body. One can also opt for super absorbent towels that act as moisture magnets and come handy when wiping Your Pet. If the coat is still wet, one can either use the dryer at home or take the pet for a spa session. Do ensure that it’s on a low heat setting and is not used near the pet’s face.”

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