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Dog Thinks The Horse Is His Best Friend, But Horse Goes Straight For Dog’s Ear

Bulldogs have a friendly and easygoing temperament that helps them get along with pretty much everyone. But the tiny Bulldog puppy in this video has a special superpower when it comes to making quirky friends!

The dog is convinced that the huge horse from the ranch is his best friend, and he won’t let anyone tell him otherwise! Every morning, this miniscule puppy gets dressed in his cute jacket and demands his owner to take him to the ranch for a play-date with his gentle horse buddy.

The horse is equally bewitched by the puppy, and excitedly comes running all the way to the edge of the enclosure whenever he spots him! Despite their glaring size difference, these best friends sure know how to have a good time together!

They spend hours licking and kissing each other, doing their signature head bumps, playfully nibbling the other’s ears, or just nuzzling comfortably. It’s almost like the entire world disappears around them when they are enjoying each other’s company!

Click the video below to watch the horse and the Bulldog puppy drowning each other with their affection!

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