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Puppy With Broken Back Reaches Out And Asks Not To Be Left Alone Again

A man was walking down the street on his way to work when he spotted a puppy all by himself. The little dog, later named Abe, was so confused. He had no idea why he was there or what had happened to him. The man pulled out his cell phone and called for help. A local rescue group headed over.

Abe was struggling to sit up. He definitely couldn’t stand. The poor pup was covered in fleas, and gnats swarmed around his body. It was obvious that his injuries were extensive. One of the rescuers called the vet clinic and told the staff about Abe. He needed a thorough exam right away.

The rescuers picked Abe up carefully and put them in their vehicle. They wanted to be sure they didn’t injure him further. Since he was in pain, and struggling with his hind legs, they suspected the little guy had a spinal injury. But even though Abe was injured and in pain, he was so sweet and so brave! He even reached his little paw out as if he were reaching out for help. Now Abe was going to get all the help he needed!

Once at the vet clinic, it was time for his medical exam. The rescue group made some calls to see if anyone was missing Abe. Surely if he had a family, they would want him back. Sadly, the rescue group found out that once Abe was injured, he was dumped on the sidewalk. His owners didn’t want to be bothered with his medical expenses. It’s infuriating to know that this happens far too often.

Abe’s x-rays revealed that he had broken his back in two places. Due to the damage, he would never walk again. Abe’s rescuers knew that this would make it challenging to find him a forever home but they were not going to give up on the sweet dog. It was time to make some more calls and find a place for Abe to go once he was medically cleared.

A nearby shelter offered to take Abe in. They had experience with dogs in Abe’s condition. Abe’s vet medically cleared him the next day and Abe was transferred to the shelter. Despite his injury and all he had been through, Abe was so happy to be around other dogs and his new human friends. He had such a positive attitude and still had a playful puppy demeanor. It was an excellent sign!

A woman heard about Abe’s story on social media. She understood that Abe would never walk but this didn’t faze her one bit! Abe could still live a full, happy life. He could be fitted for a wheelchair and still learn how to be an active puppy. With physical therapy and lots of love, Abe would get to experience everything a dog should.

The woman agreed to adopt Abe and he went home with her a week later. We are so happy that this story ended happily despite Abe’s original heartless owners. Abe deserves all the love and support imaginable. There’s no such thing as a broken dog! To see Abe’s full story, check it out below.

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