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Tractor Trailer Driver Picks Up Large Knife & Charges At Dog In Truck’s Cab

Some people should never be allowed to own a dog, and 44-year-old Lorenzo R. Davis of Garett County, Maryland, is one of them. It all started when authorities received a report of suspected animal abuse in Grantsville. Investigators stopped a tractor-trailer driven by Davis and discovered a helpless 11-month-old Pit Bull with large lacerations all over her back.

As investigators continued searching the property, they soon learned that Davis brutally attacked the dog with a Bowie knife as the dog sat in the cab of his tractor-trailer. It is believed Davis discarded the sheathed knife while he traveled through the county. Thankfully, the dog was still alive but required immediate veterinary intervention. Animal Control seized the dog and took her for treatment of her wounds.

Deputies in the county performed a traffic stop of the tractor-trailer on National Pike in Garrett County, at which point, police found the animal. Davis was arrested on aggravated animal cruelty charges and booked into a local detention center. He has a court date pending. In the meantime, the dog received treatment and is not in the care of Davis any longer.

Thanks to the person who reported this act of animal abuse. If you see something, always say something. We are the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves.

H/T: The Garrett County Republican

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