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Man dies after his face is ripped off by seven Pitbulls while ambushed on morning walk

A man was attacked and his face was ripped off by seven Pitbulls while he was on his morning walk.

Aglacir de Macedo Pereira, 46, was ambushed by the dogs in Lageado Feio, a rural area of southern Brazil on February 2.

He was enjoying his morning walk he takes regularly when the savage dogs escaped from a farm underneath a gate.

Brave passersby rescued him from the gruesome attack and called an ambulance.

They then helped him down the road to meet the emergency vehicle.

Pereira was rushed to Santa Cruz Hospital in central Pinhao, more than 20 miles away.

The Pitbulls had bitten off all of the skin on his face and left his skull completely exposed.

After arriving at the hospital he tragically died due to his injuries.

Pereira’s distraught aunt told local media, “He was like a son. I raised him since he was two years old.”

His family have accused the dogs’ owner of failing to keep the animals penned up properly.

“We ask people who have these animals to take care. We do not want other people to go through a situation as sad as the one we are going through,” Pereira’s aunt continued.

The owner of the dogs has not yet been identified.

Police are investigating the attack and may press charges against the owner.

Last week, a blind woman collapsed after her service dog was attacked by two American bulldogs after she went shopping.

She had left the Tesco store with her husband venturing back inside to pick up another item.

But the dogs launched an attack on her pooch before witnesses and her husband attempted to free the dogs apart.

Luckily, her pup survived but has been rocked since the ordeal.

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