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Cruel Owner Causes Dog Extreme Harm After Amputating His Leg With A Power Tool

Randy Barrett claims his dog was hit by a car and suffered extensive injuries as a result. In this case, a dog should always be seen by a veterinarian since any number of things could be wrong. However, Barrett decided not to go to a vet and took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, police say the dog suffered immense pain and torture at the hands of his owner.

Sadly, the dog, named Royce, began to develop gangrene in the leg, but Barrett told police he could not afford the treatment. Instead, he cut the dog’s leg off without the use of anesthetics.

He claims poor Royce “laid perfectly still and did not bark” as he used a Dremel power tool to amputate the leg. Two days later, Barrett decided to take the dog to a vet where he was confirmed to have “an infected wound with a jagged cut bone.”

The vet was going to attempt to cauterize the wound without causing the dog to have severe pain and discomfort. Since the man waited so long, the dog could develop sepsis. Royce is in the care of the Kokomo Humane Society in Indiana as of this writing. According to the most current jail records, Barrett is not in custody as of this writing.

We remind our readers to always seek medical attention for a dog if he or she is in need, as the consequences can be painful and tragic for the helpless animal.


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