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Barbaric Man Hurls Dog Like “Shot Put” 20 Feet Across Lawn & Breaks His Bones

A barbaric attack on an innocent 11-month-old French Bulldog is making social media headlines, and the perpetrator has been busted. Police officers in Utica, Michigan, received video footage from a Ring camera showing the horrific abuse inflicted on the helpless puppy. It all started when the man walked in front of the camera and threw the dog across the grass. Sadly, he didn’t stop there.

The abuser walked toward the dog, picked him up and “shot put” the poor pup out of the frame into the other direction. The Frenchie is believed to have been tossed at least 15 to 20 feet. Utica Police received the video after Macomb County Animal Control sent it to them. As the investigation was launched, Terrell Tomer was identified.

“The abuses from somebody on a small animal like that could have traumatic effects,” said Utica Police Chief Sean Coady.

Tomer lived in the building where the Ring camera was located and he admitted the abuse to police officers. The poor dog had multiple jaw fractures, rib fractures, a pelvic fracture, broken leg, and spinal fractures as a result of the abuse. Tomer has been arrested and charged with the abuse of an animal. The dog was taken away and is in the custody of someone else, whom police have not identified.

Thanks to the person who reported this act of animal abuse. If you see something, always say something. We are the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves. If you are interested in seeing the actual footage of Tomer’s abuse, please be warned that it is graphic. The footage can be seen below.

We wish this little dog all our best as he heals physically and emotionally.

H/T: FOX 2 Detroit

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