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Pastor Jeff Jansen Says Trump Is ‘Still President,’ People Will Be ‘Dancing in the Streets’ in April

Self-proclaimed “prophet”, Pastor Jeff Jansen, still believes former President Donald Trump is in office and has advised people to “watch what the Lord is doing” this month.

Jansen, who runs Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, had predicted in the past that Trump would return to the force until the end of April.

Jansen denigrated United States (US) President Joe Biden’s administration as “theater” at a “Reign” conference with Ignite Faith Church, this weekend.

“You watch what God does in this administration because President Trump still is President Trump,” Jansen said. “We’re getting ready to see a shift and the whole world is going to witness it.”

While he believed it “would have happened already,” Jansen advised people to “watch what the Lord does” by April 25 or “in that neighborhood.” At that time, he said, people will be “dancing in the streets.”

Pastor Jeff Jansen told attendees that former President was “still president” and told people to watch what was happening in April.

White evangelical Christians are a pillar of Trump’s base, and a Vote by Pew Research in October found that they favored Trump over Biden from 78% to 17%. Most Republican evangelicals will lose influence under Biden, according to Pew Research.

This was not the first time Jansen had claimed Trump was still president. In March, he said the United States was witnessing “the story of two presidents” on an episode of the YouTube show, Elijah Stream. He called Biden’s inauguration “false” and noted that Trump had not yet granted the election.

Jansen went on to say that the military controlled things and speculated that the “properly and properly elected president,” referring to Trump, from the last election would run and repair the civilian force in the US.

At Friday’s event, Jansen denied he was “making this political,” but added the “demonic” and people who are seemingly in power aren’t “really in power” because it’s “theater.” The pastor went on to ask God to “release your glory in the administration,” and expose “wickedness” from California to Texas to New York City.

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