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“Excuse Me Neighbor, Can You Come Get Your Cat?” Neighborhood Cat’s Funny Way of Bullying ‘Indoor’ Kitty

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Cats are known for their particular ways, and when they don’t like someone, they really show it. Julia, a cat owner, experienced this firsthand when her indoor cat had a hilarious confrontation with his enemy next door.

Footage of the cat’s antics has left people in stitches online.

The trouble started when Julia’s indoor cat, usually content sitting on his tower by the window, decided to confront the neighbor’s cat that had been taunting him. “My cat is indoor only and is happy sitting on his tower in the window,” Julia explained in the onscreen caption. That is, until the neighbor’s cat “comes to taunt him.”

No one expected Julia’s cat to march over to the neighbor’s house and climb their window screen like a 90s Garfield window cling, determined to get into some trouble and let his inner big cat out. “Excuse me neighbor, can you come get your cat?” Julia joked in the caption.

People in the comments couldn’t get enough of the feisty kitty. “He’s like ‘Oh? This view? It’s NOT YOURS!'” joked one commenter. “He said this is my view and you’re not allowed to see it,” teased another. “He really squared up to say ‘Only way to view the outside is from the OUTSIDE,'” a third person kidded. “Hahaha he’s all ‘LOOK AT ME. DO YOU SEE MEEEOW?'” chimed in another.

While it’s amusing to see cats beefing with neighborhood kitties, it’s a different story when cats in the same household don’t get along. Luckily, there are strategies to foster peace among feuding felines.

Space is often a key issue. Cats are territorial, and adding a second cat can create tension. Providing multiple perches and hiding spots can help each cat feel secure. Separate resources, such as food bowls, beds, and litter boxes, can also prevent fights.

Sometimes, separating the cats into different rooms for a while, allowing them to smell but not see each other, can help them adjust. This “cooling off period” can reduce tensions before reintroducing them.

If all else fails, consulting an animal behaviorist can provide expert advice on helping your cats become friends. They can offer tailored strategies to ensure your fur-kids live in harmony.

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