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‘Werewolf’ doctor ‘raped and murdered nurse’, 21, in hospital lift after boozy party

A “werewolf” doctor has been accused of raping and murdering a nurse after a boozy medics’ party left a hospital lift “covered in blood”.

Dr Andrey Suragin, 30, was arrested on suspicion of strangling 21-year-old Irina Zhuk to death in the Russian hospital where they both worked.

He told detectives he had been “drunk” and did not recall what had happened after a medics’ party at Fatezh district hospital.

Witnesses said that the married doctor wanted to have an affair with the nurse and had repeatedly “harassed” her, but she had refused him.

Both worked in the hospital’s ‘red zone’ treated Covid-19 patients.

Elena, a relative of the dead nurse, said: “It is a terrible story.

“They say the lift at the hospital was covered in blood.

“She suffered rib fractures and other injuries.

“He had been sexually harassing her.”

Her family said she had been on duty and did not attend a party where doctors were drinking.

Irina had intended to become a doctor and scored “excellent” marks at Kursk State Medical University.

The Russian Investigative Committee said a murder investigation is launch underway and Dr Suragin had been detained.

“Due to sudden hostility, the suspect inflicted bodily injuries on her, and pressed the victim’s neck with his hands,” said a statement.

“Her death was from asphyxia.”

Her mother Natalya Zhuk posted: “Her heart has stopped beating.

“This heavenly creature was cruelly killed by a doctor-werewolf.

“Her funeral will be on Monday.”

Friends said Irina had a long term boyfriend in the Russian military, and had refused the medic’s advances.

Irina’s former school teacher Tatiana Tsybulnyak said: “From the 9th grade, her desire to become a doctor was so strong.

“Her death is a terrible tragedy.

“Eternal memory to you, Irina.”

Dr Suragin was remanded in custody during the investigation.

His wife Anastasia works at one of Russia’s leading plants producing radiation, chemical, and biological protection devices.

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