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Mum replicates Bella Hadid’s sexy lingerie snap with hilarious results

Celeste Barber left fans in stitches when she replicated one of Bella Hadid’s sultry Instagram snaps.

The Australian comedian, who is famous for her parody posts, stripped down to her undies to mimic the supermodel.

She copied the American fashion star by wearing matching black undies, dangling silver jewellery from her wrists and scraping her hair into a bun.

The 38-year-old totally nailed the pose, placing one leg in front of the other and her hand on her thigh.

Then to ramp up the humour, she stood in front of some curtains and shone a bright white light directly towards her.

While Bella doesn’t seem fazed by the spotlight in her sultry image, Celeste scrunched up her face and went to cover her eyes.

She placed the two pictures side by side and shared the amusing comparison on Instagram.

The post has garnered more than 218,000 likes in an hour alone – and many can’t get enough of Celeste’s parody.

One commenter gushed: “Your posts make my day!”

Another said: “Your confidence, humour and intelligence combined with your physical beauty is beyond.”

And a third added: “I love your wonderful silly attitude! Keep it going.”

Want to read more about Celeste? The media personality lives in Sydney, Australia.

She started out as an actress but has made a name for herself as a comedian.

More than 7.5 million people follow the mum on Instagram, where parody posts are her passion.

In recent months, she’s taken the Mick out of Emily Ratajkowski.

She’s also attempted to dance like Cardi B and pose like Rita Ora – with hilarious results.

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