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Mum bans kids from school until ‘Covid is gone’ after family struck down by virus

A news comes from Scotland, a whole family suffering from Covid-19, twins’ babies also include in it. 32 years-old Scottish mother Andrea Mason suddenly feel that her twins have been suffering from a horrible cough, sore throat and headache since they contracted the virus.

One of her daughters, named Coleen still awaiting result, by now she thinks it will be positive, according to Mirror.

After that she was thinking from where her babies get this virus. By her own investigation she discovers after her son Stuart was sent home from school to self-isolate after a classmate tested positive.

She said: “This virus is absolutely awful, and to think we haven’t even had the worst of it.

“Our symptoms are actually pretty mild compared with some who are in hospital, but it’s honestly the worst I think I’ve ever felt.

“The girls are crying and holding their heads in pain. We haven’t been out Christmas shopping and haven’t seen anyone.

“The only place my kids go is school and Stuart was sent home to isolate last week.

“It’s not the school’s fault that the kids are all in there together.

“But I can’t risk it anymore and I never want my girls to feel like this again.

“I’m not sending my kids back to school until this virus has gone away completely.”

She added: “I don’t care what anyone says to me, my kids will not be back inside school until this has calmed down.

“I will contact the school and see if they can provide work for them to complete at home.

“I should be able to home school once I am feeling better but at the moment this virus has completely floored me.”

She said: “I knew it was bad for older people and people with health conditions, but I honestly thought we wouldn’t get it, and if we do it will just be a cold, but it’s not.

“It’s an absolutely horrible feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. “I think people are taking it for granted. Some are going about in shops like it’s any other day, some refusing to wear masks and not sanitising their hands, but until you get it, you don’t realise how bad it is.”

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