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Mountain was missing a dumbbell at gym so decided to use wife instead: ‘Uplift your partner’

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson/Instagram

Many have always wondered what the key to a long-lasting relationship is, and The Mountain, an Icelandic bodybuilder, may have the answer.

The strongman, whose full name is Hafór Jlus Björnsson, routinely works out with his wife Kelsey Morgan Henson, and the couple recently featured in a viral Instagram video that had onlookers stunned.

The bodybuilder, also known as Thor or The Mountain in Game of Thrones, was spotted pumping iron in the gym. While he worked out in his most recent article, his wife assisted him in the most unusual way possible – by becoming the dumbbell.

Kelsey was raised by belts as her husband used a dumbbell instead of simply spotting the former World’s Strongest Man. Hafór held a big dumbbell with one hand and then put his hands on Kelsey’s weightlifting belt, using her as the other dumbbell.

While lifting someone with just their belt requires a lot of balance, Hafór made it appear easy as he did many sets before safely releasing her. While we’ve all had to wait for gym equipment and are still unsure if this is the solution, his fans were impressed by the feat.

Since it was posted yesterday, the video has received over 114,000 likes, and many have been blown away by the act, with one noting, “Folks should always lift their partners up.” Another added: “‘Uplift your partner’ in the literal sense.” A fan third wrote: “Hats off to your lady for maintaining that static hold for that long.”

They should not have been startled by the feat because Kelsey is a fitness model who frequently posts her tough repetitions on her Instagram account. She has even become the face of Reign Body Fuel, having participated in a photo shoot for the brand in January.

And if you’ve been following The Mountain for a long, you’ll know that this isn’t entirely unusual in the Björnsson home. Back in 2020, while the Covid-19 outbreak was spreading over the world, Hafór posted a useful video showing how to do a home exercise according to the Ladbible.

His “killer” workout comprised 15 reps of a bicep curl, front squat, “one-handed wife press,” and tricep extensions, which would have been ideal when gyms started closing down. Not only that but he was spotted bench-pressing Kelsey while getting a tattoo.

That’s correct. While some people wince and cry while the ink is inked on their bodies, Hafór felt it would be a good idea to do a light workout. He wrote on Instagram: “69… 70,71 easy weight!! Using my wife as a weight while getting tattooed! No rest for the wicked!”

The couple married in 2018 and had a son named Stormur Magni Hafórsson two years later. They met in the Canadian state of Alberta, during an Icelandic Mountain Vodka event while the Warwick Strongman Festival was on tour.

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