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Man ‘sucker-punched and murdered mum to vent his anger’ after row with girlfriend

The heartbroken victim’s husband said a killer killed his neighbor with a fool for failing to hit his girlfriend.

Washington Andrade de Jesus, 36, reportedly set fire to his home and committed suicide after the mother of two, Aline dos Santos Viana, attacked 32.

Police are investigating whether he sexually assaulted him prior to the murder at his home in the Sao Vicente parish on the morning of April 9 on the southeast coast of Brazil.

He lived on the same floor that the guard was told he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The victim’s husband, Charles da Silva Vicente, said that he and his wife Andrade de Jesus recognized by just seeing them, even though they lived on the same floor.

He told local news website G1, “He had an argument with his wife that day … He couldn’t beat his wife, who had left the house and targeted my wife.” T.

The attack happened while Aline was going to work, and security footage shows them being in the same elevator without exchanging a word with the suspect a few minutes before the attack began.

A few minutes later, the alleged perpetrator can be seen in the apartment’s garage while waiting for him to return to his seat.

Then he stands behind him and as he turns his head face to face, he hits him hard in the face and unconsciously knocks him down before pulling him.

Charles then woke up to messages from his wife’s boss informing him that he was not coming to work.

He went into the garage and went to where he found his wife’s motorcycle, the key of which was still in the ignition.

Charles approached the facility manager and the two found Ali’s body near the building’s stairs.

They called the police and followed a trail of blood to the suspect’s home.

Shortly after the police arrived at the scene, smoke rose from the apartment and there was noise.

The suspect threw himself out of his seventh-floor window and died when he fell to the floor.

Police have recorded the incident as a murder and are currently investigating whether the victim was sexually assaulted.

The man’s sister and girlfriend have since told police that the suspect has been a drug addict in the past but has allegedly been clean for a year.

The cause of death and the cause of the crime is not yet known. However, the victim’s husband announced that the suspect’s girlfriend was not home at the time.

Aline leaves behind her husband and two daughters at the age of 3 years and 7 months. The investigation continues.

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