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Man stabbed lover to death then took his own life after wrongly accusing her of cheating

A jealous lover stabbed his girlfriend to death then took a fatal overdose after he wrongly suspected she had been cheating on him, an inquest heard.

John Lee Morris, 32, knifed Niki Campbell, 30, multiple times at his flat just hours after they argued in a pub in the days before Christmas in 2017.

He then took a lethal amount of paracetamol before collapsing beside the victim, the hearing was told.

Their bodies were later found lying side by side two days later by a neighbour in Harpurhey, Manchester, who had asked for the return of his iron.

Police investigating the tragedy found texts sent by Morris where he accused Miss Campbell of being unfaithful.

He had a history of beating his girlfriend and relatives said she was often seen sporting a black eye, the inquest heard.

Miss Campbell herself tried to keep her ordeal a secret but told her mother: ”If I don’t kill myself I’ll end up killing someone else.”

A hearing was told the couple’s relationship, which had begun in 2011, was ‘extremely volatile’.

In the months before the killing on December 22 2017, they had briefly broken up and she moved to Ayrshire in Scotland but later returned to Manchester and moved in with Morris.

In a statement Miss Campbell’s mother Jayne Ferguson told the hearing in Manchester: “She started a relationship with John Lee Morris in 2011 and this relationship was extremely volatile. She was on anti-anxiety medication and anti-depressants for a long time.

“She had her own tenancy until May 2017 but got into difficulties with rent and I began to think she was being subject to domestic abuse by him.

“Quite a few times I saw she had injuries, and encouraged her to report these to the police, but she was reluctant to do so.

“I can’t remember exactly when I last saw her with injuries but I have seen her with a big black eye and with her flat smashed up.

“At the beginning of 2017 I thought her relationship with him had come to an end. She briefly went to live in Scotland and on our way up she told me: ‘If I don’t kill myself I’ll end up killing someone else’.

“I never knew or realised their relationship had resumed later.

“She was a fabulous daughter with a great sense of humour. She was very close to her sisters and was a fantastic aunt to her sister’s children.

“I am not sure reality of her death has sunk in. I still feel in shock and we miss her utterly.”

Housing manager Pauline Ferguson, who lived near the couple, was the last person to see Niki alive.

She said: “I was in the pub with them that evening and witnessed an argument between them.

“He suspected she was with another man and I last saw her the next morning at around 7.30am when she said he would not let her in. I told her to get a taxi home.”

Duncan Thorpe, a senior investigating officer for Greater Manchester Police, said: “Niki was found to have suffered numerous stab wounds and he was found to have died of paracetamol toxicity.

”The murder weapon was found next to her body and his fingerprints were on the knife used.

“The premises were secure. Windows were secure and the door, which had had a wedge pushed under it, was the only entrance and exit point in the flat.

“Mobile phones were later analysed and suggest that he suspected Niki may have been seeing another man. It appeared they had had an argument at a local pub the night before.

“The last messages were sent on 20 December and the bodies were found two days later.”

A safeguarding board review found Miss Campbell never complained of domestic abuse to the police but on three occasions had turned up for medical appointments sporting physical injuries.

GP Dr Ashish Chaudhry said: ”She reported being a victim of domestic violence and said had been in an abusive relationship which had ended five months before. But she told me she was staying with her mother and felt safe.

“She said she was still anxious when she went out alone and said she felt low motivation, could get irritable and had panic attacks.

“She said she had moved to Scotland for a few months but had since moved back, and said she wanted a nice job and a nice house.

“On 28 September she said her mood had improved but then deteriorated again.

“On October 9 she mentioned domestic abuse again and my impression was that this involved a new partner.

“The last time I saw her was on 14 December when she said someone was helping her but she was very vague.”

Coroner Fiona Borrill recorded a conclusion of unlawful killing. It is thought an inquest into Morris’ death will be held later.

Paying tribute after the hearing, Miss Campbell’s family said: “Niki was an amazing woman. Everyone knew who she was, she was very popular and had lots of friends.

“She was absolutely stunning and had the most infectious laugh too. She was one in a million and there was no one else like her out there.

“More should be done to help people like her. This has been a nightmare for us and the long wait for today has made things even worse.

“He murdered her and we want people to know that.”

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