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Clerk at Massachusetts Liquor Shop Tried to Cash $3 Million Lottery Ticket Left by Client

3M lottery ticket
Ticket theft: - File photo. A Massachusetts liquor store clerk is accused of cashing in a $3 million Mega Millions ticket that was left on the store counter by a customer. (Bob D'Angelo/Cox Media Group)

A 23-year-old liquor store worker was charged Friday on charges of trying to steal a winning $3 million Mega Millions ticket and cash it in at Massachusetts Lottery Headquarters.

According to Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz, Carly Nunes of Lakeville was indicted by a Plymouth grand jury on counts of larceny from a building, attempted larceny, false claim, and witness intimidation.

According to Cruz’s office, Nunes’ indictment follows a four-month investigation that included a comprehensive assessment of records, video surveillance footage, and witness interviews.

On January 17, 2023, the victim is reported to have visited Savas Liquors on Bedford Street in Lakeville and purchased a bag of BBQ potato chips as well as two Massachusetts State Lottery Picks for the Mega Millions lottery, and two for the Mass Cash lottery. The man added a multiplier to his Mega Millions ticket to increase the jackpot prize.

Carly Nunes
(Carly Nunes — Plymouth District Attorney’s Office)

The order was entered into the lottery terminal by Nunes, the checkout counter clerk, and two lottery tickets were printed. Nunes returned to the cash register and rang up the man’s $12 order.

According to prosecutors, the victim left the store with his bag of chips but left all of his lottery tickets at the check counter. The victim’s same numbers were declared as Mega Millions winners the following evening. The victim then looked for his tickets to double-check his numbers but realized they were gone.

According to authorities, Nunes and her boyfriend were driven to the Massachusetts Lottery Headquarters in Dorchester by a coworker at Savas, 32-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire native Joseph Reddem.

Joseph Reddem
(Joseph Reddem — Plymouth District Attorney’s Office)

In connection with Nunes’ plot, Reddem was also charged with attempted extortion.

When Nunes delivered the winning ticket to Lottery headquarters, a customer service representative observed that it was shredded and burnt, but she nevertheless proceeded to scan it and told Nunes and her boyfriend that it was definitely worth $3 million. According to prosecutors, the pair then proceeded to “embrace” and “celebrate.”

Prosecutors claim Nunes and Reddem were recorded on security footage arguing in the lobby of Lottery Headquarters shortly after cashing the ticket. According to WFXT-TV reportedly said Reddem that she would “only pay him $200,000” from the profits.

According to prosecutors, the overheard coupled, along with the state of the sold ticket, led them to question Nunes.
Nunes allegedly said that she bought the ticket near the end of her shift on Jan. 17, that she ripped it by accident when taking it out of her handbag, and that the burn marks were caused by setting it on a pipe.

Lottery officials eventually informed Nunes that they would call Massachusetts State Police to initiate an inquiry and that she would collect her prizes after the investigation was completed.

A review of surveillance footage video from inside Savas indicated that Nunes did not purchase the ticket. When challenged with this proof, she allegedly claimed to have “inadvertently obtained the winning ticket.”

State police ultimately located the victim for an interview, and lottery officials stated that they intend to fulfill the victim’s claim to the jackpot.

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