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People are Spilling their Sorority Secrets, and I Honestly Can’t get Enough

Sorority Secrets
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BuzzFeed Community members last week to discuss the scandals that occurred at their sorority.
Of course, for many women, sororities are their home away from home throughout college. But, like with any group of friends, or at least any group of people who know each other well, something big will happen at some time, even if you’re besties.

So, without further ado, here are the juiciest stories:


1. “We had a group of seniors terminated from our chapter after they brought thousands of dollars of drugs into the house and posted [themselves] taking them. That is a HUGE no-no, and the girls thought no one would know.


To each their own with what they decide to do recreationally, but bringing [drugs] into the house could have caused SO many legal issues not only for them, but for the entire chapter.”

“And then, they were upset and tried to fight it with the argument: ‘We’ve done it before, and nothing happened!’ (Like, yeah, because you didn’t post it on social media, so no one knew!)” —Anonymous


2. “I lived in my sorority house my sophomore year of college. I quickly learned that was a big mistake. Girls are absurdly messy. One night after a party, a bunch of girls came back super drunk. When we woke up the next morning, one of the bathrooms had poop all over it.

It was smeared across the walls, and there was a pair of black, size 10 jeans sitting in the washer with poop in them. It was so bad that the woman who cleaned our house thought someone was playing a prank on her and threatened to quit, after working as the cleaning lady for our sorority for years. For a while, it became a mystery of who got so drunk they sht themselves.

Everyone was looking back at pictures to see who wore black pants that night and if they’d wear a size 10. There were a few different girls it could’ve been, but the culprit was revealed a few months later when she did it again.” “This time, she got so drunk that she just squatted at the top of the steps and took a sht on the carpet in front of a bunch of people. I guess she was a pooper, not a puker. Moral of the story, being in a sorority can be quite SH*TTY.”


3. “At the end of recruitment this year, we got together to decide who was going to get bids. It went as it normally does until the end of the ‘further discussion’ group, when someone’s name was read out, and every sister who knew her voiced an objection. This person is openly anti-gay and even directed a slur at one of our sisters.

We unanimously voted to deny this person membership, but suddenly, the rep sent by the national organization to oversee recruitment — who’d been silent up to this point — spoke up. The rep said we had to take this person because nationals wanted our chapter to reach quota. We were all stunned and outraged, but she kept arguing until she said, ‘You can’t afford to be choosy,’ which made me shoot up out of my chair like a rocket.”

“I’m the shyest person by a mile in the group, but I’ve always had low tolerance for BS, so I straight-up told the rep that this wasn’t a dictatorship; we’d built our chapter to be inclusive to everyone, and one of our sisters said she’d feel unsafe if the person in question was allowed to become a member, so we weren’t going to take them. The rep still wouldn’t budge (!!!), so I said I was going to disaffiliate, and every single sister said they’d do the same.

She finally accepted our vote to deny membership, but that was only because a mass-disaffiliation wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.”


4.“My chapter of a well-known sorority at a private southern university was so incredibly nitpicky during rush that I literally have no idea how I got in. Wrong shoes? Clearly a sign of a long history of bad decision making. Smiled too much at the rush events? Fake. Didn’t smile enough at rush events? Rude.

Pearl earrings too big? Tacky. Pearl earrings too small? Probably couldn’t afford her sisterhood dues. I mean, I get that when all things are equal (and you’re exhausted and really don’t care anymore), you have to find some way to break a tie, but seriously, I do not want to know what was said about me before I slipped through!”


5. “We used to spread rumors about our sorority and encourage all new pledges to do the same. To this day, people I went to college with are convinced that our initiation includes drinking blood, sleeping in graveyards, tattooing each other, whipping each other, etc. In reality, it’s a normal ceremony, and we go to brunch afterward and give the new pledges presents.

There are also such strict rules about hazing, we can’t even have a special spot for seniors to sit. But, if you ask anyone at my school, we make the pledges sit on the floor and go on extreme diets to earn a chair. In actuality, we studied together to meet our GPA requirement, volunteered, and went to formals where we just did typical drunk college stuff. We made ourselves sound much more exciting than we were.”


6. “It was me, unforch. I got mono my senior year, and felt awful for weeks. My sorority got a party bus with one of the frats one weekend as a ‘senior send-off,’ and my friends begged me to go. So, I went and got hammered.

I ended up making out with four guys before my best friend pulled me aside and said, ‘Girl, you have mono; stop kissing people, or it will spread.’ It was too late — within a week, like, eight frat guys, several girls from my sorority, and multiple girls from other sororities got mono. It spread like wildfire, thanks to me. Luckily, everyone recovered, but my best friend never let me live that down.”


7. “Sororities have inside cliques just like anywhere else. There was backstabbing and jealousy, especially when you lived in the sorority house. Some sisters were more well-known and ‘popular’ while many just tried to get along. I loved my house in the beginning, but didn’t get into it like some of my other sisters.

I had one sister that lived and breathed the sisterhood. Most had friends outside the house to keep them grounded, but this girl was 100% [sorority]. I remember she tried to get several of us in trouble because we had roommates who were in different sororities, or not in one at all. I lived with a bunch of Thetas, and this girl tried to convince the panel of my sisters that I was divulging sister secrets. She was wild!”


8. “I got called up to Standards maybe three months into my freshman year after I pledged. I was being accused of drinking on campus at a fraternity intramural flag football game (I wasn’t). Never mind the fact that everyone hid their drinks in whatever cup at real football games.

I had bitchy upperclassmen from my high school who were also in my sorority, and they were not fans of me. One even told me, ‘You’re only here because you are a legacy.’ Thanks? I seriously considered dropping, but I stuck it out, they graduated, I got a great Little Sis, and had my circle of REAL friends in the chapter. Standards is so outdated even to this day.”


9. “There was a thief in the house one year. Money went missing, makeup was stolen, clothes vanished. Still, to this day, we don’t know who did it, because no one ever fessed up, but there was plenty of gossip about the possible culprit.”


10. “The former recruitment chair of a so-called ‘top tier’ sorority on campus leaked documents that showed how their chapter rejected girls on the basis of their looks. They ranked girls on a scale of 1-10 based on how conventionally ‘hot’ they were. In her exposé, she said a 10 was ‘ideally beautiful — thin, silky hair, great style, and an appealing face — and therefore we want her in Beta Delta,’ and a 1 would mean ‘She is definitely not “pretty enough” to be in this chapter.’

Before recruitment began, the [sisters] would sift through FB profiles (which wasn’t allowed) and give the girls pre-rankings. They also ranked existing members so that the sorority’s ’10s’ would meet potential ’10s,’ the ‘3s’ would meet ‘3s,’ and so forth.”


11.“When I first joined, they had a stack of missing posters with other girls on the covers. When I asked why, one of the other girls answered with, ‘They left, so we make missing posters for them, we post them around the town, and when people see them, it’s embarrassing.’ PETTY!!”


12. And finally, “BuzzFeed, girl code. Sorority Sisters will take their secrets to the grave.”

This article originally appeared in Yahoo has been updated.

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