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Lin Wood Predicts South Carolina Will Start Civil War II, Claims Lindsey Graham Is ‘A RINO’ On the Way Out

Attorney Lin Wood addressed the South Carolina Bikers for Trump rally as he continued to campaign to chair the state’s Republican Party.

According to the details, MyPillow CEO and die-hard Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell rallied a crowd on Mother’s Day for Lin Wood, the pro-Trump attorney who is mounting a longshot bid to lead the South Carolina GOP.

Wood and Lindell’s appearance was organized by Chris Cox of Bikers For Trump. In an attempt to draw a crowd for the May 9 event, the group gave out 250 of Lindell’s signature pillows and held a raffle for a queen-sized pillow top mattress.

“What better way to salute our moms then with a good night’s sleep?” Cox asked the crowd before introducing Lindell and Wood to the stage.

Among the things that Wood said in his speech, which took longer than an hour, was that former President Donald Trump would be running for his “third term” in 2024. Wood also said that “only God knows if Joe Biden is dead or alive,” noting that “people you think are alive may be dead.”

Wood then turned to attack Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who Wood would be defending if he takes over the GOP in the state.

“Get ready for a new senator, I don’t think that Lindsey Graham’s time is long,” said Wood. “Prepare yourselves to rebuild America from the ground up.”

“South Carolina led the way when we had the Civil War. South Carolina is a leader,” said Wood.

South Carolina seceded from the United States, December 20, 1860, months ahead of the outbreak of the war.

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