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Joe Biden Proves Systemic Racism Does Exist

Joe Biden falls into that camp, quoting the phrase ad nauseam while his government forces radical policies including things like critical race theory. Incidents only go so far, and the very inclusion of “systemic” in the phrase means you need to show the system itself is objectively biased, not just that individuals can do bad things within it.

The phrase “systemic racism” has become a social justice catch-all for the most woke among us. What’s odd, though, is that when you ask for particular examples of what builds systemic racism, you are usually met with either blank stares, long drawn-out answers that lead nowhere, or an emphasis that even asking the question is racist.

The certain example of systemic racism for them to cite. Hatred is written directly into Biden’s COVID relief plan leading to the judgment of people purely on skin color instead of seeking to judge people’s situations on their merits.

Some might even call that racist. For example, a perfectly well-off Hispanic farmer is eligible for relief while a downtrodden white farmer can’t even apply. Each farmer has their farm and their problems. That’s how the USDA should handle giving loans out. They should not be looking at someone’s skin tone and deciding that person is always more disadvantaged than another person of a different race.

These kinds of irresponsible judgments of how certain races “did” under previous law seem irrelevant to me. They are also gross in the way they indulge people as simply members of racial sub-groups. Facts and conditions should be taken into account.

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