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KYLE SHOW TRAGEDY Ex-Jeremy Kyle producer, 31, hanged herself after being made redundant when show was axed over guest suicide

A TV producer Natasha Reddican on The Jeremy Kyle Show committed suicide by hanging herself by not hunting work or job. The officer had found after the investigation that the 31 years old downed intoxicated after a scheduled job interview was cancelled.

Natasha Reddican is a well renowned and creative producer and had worked on the show for six years. She has a boyfriend who was also struggling for a job. After that he gets job both were happy, according to The Sun.

Her mother stated, Natasha was very depressed to finding the job. The job was everything to her. Sometimes when she was a bit down or a bit low, she would drink.

 He said the circumstances of the programme being taken off air was “something that weighed on her mind a lot”.

He said: “The way everything played out, it was not a short period, it was dragged out over the year.

“It did weigh on her a lot.”

As per, Ms Reddican’s death was suicide, Timothy Brennand, the senior coroner for Manchester West, said it was a “tragic and harrowing case” involving a young woman with “such impressive potential”.

He said: “She was a local girl made good with a high work ethic who worked her way up from a modest post to become a producer on a well-known television production.”

He said the reasons for the interview not taking place as planned remained unclear but it was through no fault of Ms Reddican.

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