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Jen Psaki Tore Down A Factually Incorrect Question From Conservative Reporter: “That Is Not How It Works”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has been a breath of fresh air after we all had to endure her predecessors who seemed to be paid to lie to the American people. If a reporter asks Psaki a gotcha question, that individual should have his facts straight, but that wasn’t the case. In this case, the question was about abortion.

Owen Jensen from the Catholic news network EWTN asked Psaki a question regarding the Biden administration’s move to reverse a Trump-era ban on clinics referring women for abortions, a policy directive that drove Planned Parenthood from the federal family planning program and created new complications for women that are trying to get birth control. But, Jensen’s question was loaded with inaccuracies.

“Today, as you well know, the Biden administration and HHS started the reversal of the Trump administration’s ban on abortion referrals at Title X family planning clinics,” Jensen said. “So my first question — why does the Biden administration insist that pro-life Americans pay for abortions and violate their conscience?”

“None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning,” Psaki continued. “That is written into the Health Services Act, and it specifically states that.”

“Indirect subsidies minus funds that can’t be traced — we know that, come on,” Jensen insisted.

“That is not how it works. That is the law,” Psaki replied. “So I’m stating what the law is and how it is implemented legally by these organizations.”


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