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Man Rails Against Biden at Gas Station in Viral Video—’I Want My Trump Back!’

Inline at a gas station showing a Trump supporter railing against the Biden administration by making a video and that video has gone viral. The 16-minute video was uploaded on Instagram by a person using the handle “semore_views” over the weekend, with the caption: “I want my Trump back!” And then the rant came as the effects of a cyberattack on the nation’s largest fuel pipeline continue to be felt.

On Monday it has accumulated almost 60,000 views and was shared on Twitter by Melissa Tate, an enthusiastic supporter of former President Donald Trump, “EPIC: Black Trump supporter goes off on Biden supporters sitting in gas lines & challenges them to say why they voted for this disaster the country now finds itself in,” Says to the camera.

“I need Trump back,” the man, seen wearing a red “Make America Great Again,”  “We had gas, we had electricity, we had jobs, we had food now we sitting at home with no gas. Some people no electricity, no jobs, waiting for a stimulus check, waiting on goddamn extra food stamps. What’s going on?” According to reports, Colonial paid millions of dollars in ransom to Dark Side, the criminal syndicate responsible for the attack.

On 7 May man’s comments came after Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline was hit by a ransomware attack and by then they forced it to shut down operations and resulting in fuel shortages in several Southeastern states. Telling reporters from last Thursday that President Joe Biden has sworn to take determined action against the group, that the Justice Department has lanced a new task force “dedicated to prosecuting ransomware hackers to the full extent of the law.”

Having said that Biden noticed that the country has seen critical support taken offline by floods, fires, storms, and criminal hackers and that his American Jobs Plan includes investments in improving and ensuring infrastructure. But if we saw the video, we can estimate that man claimed that “we weren’t going through this sh**” during the Trump administration.

“We were winning. Winning, winning, winning!” Even that there are few people who are seen in the neighborhood, the man walks around asking people to “tell me why the f**k you support Joe Biden right now.” At a particular point, he moved the camera to show various vehicles lined up for gas.

“All they can do is f**king wait,” he stated. He then railed against the Green New Deal, claiming Democrats have a plan “to f**k up everything within the next 10 years,” and called the president an “old bum.” “I want my goddamn Trump back,” he added. “Everybody quiet as s**t. Where the f**k is the Joe Biden supporters?” the man asked people nearby, to no response.

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