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Striking Japanese Home Decor Ideas

Striking Japanese Home Décor Ideas

Create your own Japanese living facilities with some Asian inspired elements.

Japanese home decor allows you to use interesting colors, textures and furnishings to create an uncluttered, clean and peaceful space to your living room or bedroom. Traditional Japanese home decor and home design usually follows strict colour tones, mainly focusing red, black and white. Allow yourself only one or two accent pieces to maintain the Japanese feel of your living facilities. Placing the focal point in the center of the room will draw your guests in so fill your living facilities with graceful and elegant Japanese home decor.

A Japanese shoji screen will become the warm focal point of any room and are integral to Japanese interior home design. Shoji screens can provide any living room or bedroom with a touch of Japanese culture and they are the quintessential Japanese home decor item. These screens provide privacy while still allowing light to pass through the rice paper. These home decor screens can be used as living room dividers, interior doors and partitions.

Flowers and plants are often incorporated into Japanese home decor, and you can accomplish this home design element by adding live flowers such as orchids. Other home décor features could include a small fountain or a bamboo plant. Including nature in your home decor adds an element of serenity that is vital to Japanese home design. As Mr. Miaggi would tell you, nothing looks more Asian when it comes to home decor items than a bonsai tree.

A unique home decor idea is to use a bright red coloured silk or cotton kimono to use as a dramatic wall hanging, with its long sleeves outspread. It will be an eye catching focal point in your living room or bedroom.

Wooden flooring in a bamboo colour will help to further create Japanese home design, as it opens up a living room and provides it with a clean, simple base to work with.

Functional and simplistic rooms are very minimalistic and easy to achieve by buying a few select home decor items. Japanese style living facilities can be attained inexpensively because there are not many design elements to purchase! Remember less is more.

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