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Become Miss Shy Seductress

You create a world of fantasy where you are an ultimate seductress, making your man horny till his throat with your oh-so-sexy moves and showing off your curves in a perfect rhythm. In your wildest fantasies, you make him go crazy with a single wink of those sultry eyes. But something happens to you when you step into reality because the sense of adventure and sexual freedom of your Neverland, is nonexistent in the real world.

In real world, this dreamy sex seductress miss bold is just a simple naïve girl who has not even touched that lacy teddy her boyfriend bought her on Valentine’s Day. Read on to become a perfect miss seductress full of sexual attraction yet with a blush of shyness.

Celebrate your shyness and it will become your greatest asset for the best kind of seductress is the ‘newbie’ you are young and inexperienced, you possess an innocence of a newborn learning to walk and talk, you can’t help but giggle at the blunders. The more you enjoy that shy, virginal, demure, blushing and hesitant part of you, the hotter, sexier, cuter and more precious you will be to your man. Tell him that you are terribly shy and don’t know what to do next. You don’t need to worry about this for trembling lips and quivering hands is the biggest turn on for men, the more you will tremble with your shyness, the more he will desire to make you go crazy.

Using shy props like veils and fans can be an amazing tool to highlight the subtle sweetness of shy. Besides, you can also use scarves or napkins to hide your face beneath the alluring charm of shy seduction, use pillars or furniture items for hiding and playing with your man and make him crave for more and more.

If you feel uncomfortable while seducing him with moves and dances, why not try to seduce him with the magic of words, you can write an intimate love letter to them full of wildest fantasies and raunchy desires hidden inside the deepest corner of your heart.

Have a heart to heart conversation with another lady who is experienced seductress, women require a community of support to play pleasure and practice the expansion and celebration of their sensuality. It’s fun and it’s a great motivation.

You can also take help from your man and ask him to give ideas about ultimate seduction. Riding on to a flight of fancy and cooking up some fun scenarios is really hilarious and can bring you two immensely close to each other.

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