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Half-dress’Hulk’ clubbed wife and pensioner, 76, to death with OAP’s own walking stick

A harrowing news has been reported that a hooligan who clubbed two ladies to death  with a metal strolling stick has been sentenced for homicide.

A car mechanic who considered himself as a god, beating a defenceless pensioner to death with own strolling stick on the same metal pole to club his wife in a huge assault last Christmas.

According to Mirror, 38 year old, Appleton was heard “I could murder you” and beating and dragging her naked naked wife to death on the driveway.

He also confessed in front of Jury that “ I am killing and also killing his school teacher wife Amy, 32 and defenceless 4’9″ pensioner Sandy Seagrave, 76, outside his home in Crawley Down, West Sussex, on December 22, last year”.

One eye witness said “Appleton delighted in what he had done, waving the brace over his head as he remained over her inert body before yelling a victory speech to his neighbors.

A neighbor said he looked “huge”, striking and puffed up” like “the Incredible Hulk” as he beat his wife. The Police arrested him as he naked in the Pool and hid own blood sprawling in the kitchen”.

Both met in 2006 and had been seemingly happily married since 2018.

A forensic pharmacologist said Appleton’s behaviour was likely to be as a result of (251) NBOMe – a highly potent synthetic version of LSD.

He denied consuming any y drugs and told the jury his mental health started to collapse in the days leading up to his brutal assaults.

Appleton was a partner in a successful specialist garage near his home.

Nicholas Corsellis QC for the Crown asked him: “Do you see the overall picture, the fact is there was drugs in your blood and you were searching on December 11 and you had taken them before?

“It’s therefore a coincidence because you say your psychotic episode was brought on by stress at work.

“You say you are a self-absorbed person who over thinks things and this led you to commit such horrific, violent acts?”

Appleton said: “Yes.”

During the second day of his evidence, Appleton offered an emotional apology to the families of the women he killed from the witness box.

Asked by his counsel, Lewis Power QC, how he felt about the deaths he said: “I’m, I’m devastated. Absolutely devastated by what has happened.

“I don’t know where, if they are here, or where they are, but I just want Amy’s family to know that I’m devastated by what has happened and that I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

“Amy was very special to us all. She was loving and caring and she was just always so happy. Everyone loved Amy.

“I just want to say that I’m devastated for all the families that have been involved.

“Devastated for the loss of Mrs Seagrave and I can’t bring myself to imagine the trauma that they have gone through and I’m so very sorry.

“I know sorry’s not good enough but I haven’t got words for any of this.

“It’s so very tragic.”

A jury at Lewes Crown Court in Hove heard Appleton describe how he felt a deep attachment to his friends on a night out before he killed his wife and Mr Seagrave.

He told the court he believed his friends were his guardian angels on the trip to London.

Appleton said he remembered his wife making a hysterical phone call to his parents as he lay silent and motionless on their sofa the night before he killed her.

The following morning he brought her a cup of tea in bed before his mood changed.

“I seem to remember being in the bedroom,” Appleton said.

“Amy was in bed and I said to her, Tell me you love me and you wanna have kids with me. And I said that loud.”

He told his wife she has to go out into the street and tell the world she wanted to have his children.

Appleton said he believed he was being watched as he stood at his bedroom window.

The couple went downstairs and Amy went outside, he said.

“I believe she went to the front door and opened the door and going outside and shouting I love Daniel and I want to have kids with him.

“I shut the door and Amy tried to get back in.

“We were just to-ing and fro-wing at the front door and she said Why won’t you let me in?

“I remember going outside. I remember seeing Amy on the floor and thinking she was hurt. I don’t remember going over to her.

“I seem to remember people but I can’t remember where.”

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