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Former Counsel To President Trump Makes BIG Announcement For Election Integrity!

The mainstream media are too busy with Bill Gates’s divorce, coronavirus vaccination rates, and China’s rocket and are totally unaware of the big event for America’s election integrity.

Jenna Ellis, a former Senior Legal Adviser and Counsel to Trump made the big announcement!

One nonprofit named Election Integrity Alliance started to exist, aiming to end the election fraud and improve the election safeguards.

The allies of President Trump created this group so they can fight for election integrity. They aim to champion fair and free elections, now and in the future.

Last week Jenna Ellis shared this important announcement!

The members of the group are Jenna Ellis, Mirna Tarraf (former Trump lawyer), Michael Donnelly (constitutional law professor), Sebastian Gorka (former White House adviser), Bernard Kerik (former NYP Commissioner), Ken Paxton (Texas Attorney General), and Peter Navarro (former Trump adviser).

You can hear the exciting announcement by Jenna Ellis on Real America Voice News.

Brad Perscale’s American Greatness Fund is among the growing numbers of Trump-aligned advocacy groups fruiting after the 2020 election.

The American Greatness Fund shared more details about their advocacy.

The Election Integrity Alliance will unite groups and efforts across the nation focused on combating election fraud and will build solutions and provide resources to state legislators and the public on challenges to free and fair elections. The Election Integrity Alliance will be a centralized hub that gives tools to enact meaningful change for the American people.

Free and fair elections are the foundation of a civil government that has power only by consent of the governed. In our system, We The People select and prefer individuals from among ourselves to govern us at all levels, and no individual or party has the right by conquest, heritage, corruption, or fraud to assume power. Only through election integrity can our American government operate according to its limited and legitimate role in civil society. America is built on the recognition that our individual rights are God-given and pre-political. The only legitimate purpose of civil government is to preserve and protect those rights which are essential to liberty and justice for all.

Election integrity is a hallmark of freedom and should be a non-partisan, wholly American value. The Election Integrity Alliance’s mission is to support Congress, the state legislatures, and the voters and together, continue building a more perfect Union.


  • Free and fair elections
  • The U.S. Constitution and the rule of law
  • The Electoral College
  • The plenary power of state legislatures to govern election law
  • The God-given right of the people to self-govern

At the same time, we seek election integrity, and the Dems are TRIGGERED!

The battle is tough, but we won’t quit. Only if we try, we’ll succeed! Now, we are one step closer to our goal! We aim to expose who won the 2020 Presidential Election.

We are all thankful to all those who stand up to our nation’s election integrity!

Let’s applaud those who support the nonprofits and seek free and fair elections!

Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election, and we’re about to show it!

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