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Footage Revealed: The Instant a Senator’s Aide Faces Brutal Attack in DC

Senator Aide Brutal Attack DC
Photo: nbcwashington

On a bright afternoon in the northeast section of Washington, D.C.’s H. Street, a seemingly ordinary moment transformed into a nightmare. As an aide to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, accompanied by a friend, was casually strolling with a take-out bag from a restaurant, a man unexpectedly charged at them.

Security footage vividly captured the aggressor, without warning, lunging at the pair with a weapon and repeatedly stabbing one of them. Amid the violent altercation, one of the victims is heard shouting in disbelief, “What the f***!?”

Momentarily managing to disengage, one victim attempts to retreat and cries out, “Go away, go away!” As they urge each other to “run! run!”, the assailant coolly adjusts his jacket’s hood and casually walks away, leaving the glinting weapon discarded on the sidewalk.

Bystanders, seemingly unaware of the preceding chaos, continue on their paths. One stops briefly to retrieve what might have been a dropped cell phone. Nearby, a voice is discernible, seemingly reporting the incident to the police.

Scripps News sourced a police report which identified the informant as Cole Mowrer.

This harrowing security footage became a focal point during a D.C. Superior Court preliminary hearing centered on the suspect, Glynn Neal, 42 years of age.

An unsettling detail shared by the prosecutors in a July session was that Neal had returned to the streets merely a day after his prison release. His rap sheet from 2011 includes convictions related to threats, forcing someone into prostitution, and obstructing justice.

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