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How to make a Tissue Paper Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey

Thanksgiving is a special occasion for both adults and children. For children these festivals are more fun and attractive. Here is a way how to keep the kids busy and also teach them some creativity. This is how to make a tissue paper turkey. The material used must be readily available at home.


Tissue Paper (the colors should include the turkey colors)
Pipe cleaners
Paper clips


1.    For the tail of the tissue paper turkey take following sheets of tissue paper

2 red, 20 by 13 inches, 2 orange, 20 by 11 1/2 inches, 2 yellow, 20 by 10 inches, 2 brown, 20 by 8 1/2 inches. Fold the stack of tissues creating a strip roughly.

2.    Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of the stacked tissue papers in the form of folded sheets.

3.    Then fold the ends and connect them with a paper clip.

4.    Then stack 13 sheets of tissue paper according to the following sequence with smaller colored tissues in between the larger brown ones. The sequence should be 2 brown, 10 by 26 inches, 3 orange, 10 by 13 inches, 3 red, 10 by 13 inches, 3 orange, 10 by 13 inches, 2 brown, 10 by 26 inches. Fold the stack.

5.    Then wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded sheets like done earlier.

6.    Gently pull up and then separate the sheets from the body.

7.    For the head of the tissue paper turkey Fold a 13- by 20-inch sheet of red tissue paper lengthwise. Then Twist together 2 pipe cleaners, fold one end of the wires around the sheet, then loosely wrap the sheet around the wires. Wrap another sheet around it making a head shape with the help of a tape.

8.    Twist 3 sets of pipe cleaners underneath the turkey, leaving enough loose to let the tail and head stand upright.

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