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DIY – 8 Garden Storage Shed ideas

At the start of a new decade, we often take stock of our lives, our homes, and — for some — our garden storage shed options. So many homeowners look out into their garden and wish they could do something to transform it, but often don’t have the time or money to do so. Many home renters feel the same way, but don’t have the landlord’s permission to do anything about it. And, no matter whether you rent or buy, at some point you probably have wished for a way to organise your outdoor furniture, barbeque equipment or tools.

Thankfully, there is a wide world of garden storage sheds to cater to these common needs. Whether you want temporary garden storage to stow away your bike, a large garden storage shed to pursue your creative endeavours, or just an aluminium garden storage box to hide away your odds and ends, somewhere out there is the storage shed for you. Here are a few storage shed ideas to get you thinking.

Mini Shed

Just because your garden is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden storage shed. Mini sheds are ideal if you’re looking to expand your storage without eliminating too much green space. These sheds can blend into the profile of your house and are just the right size for storing bikes, outdoor furniture or unused wheely bins. That way, you can get some of the benefits of a large garden storage shed without dwarfing your precious garden.

Garden Studio Workshop

If you do have a spacious garden and are looking for a large garden storage shed with something extra, why not go all out and turn your shed into a studio or workshop. Larger garden sheds like this tongue and groove workshop have the space to store all your regular items like patio furniture and garden tools with enough space over for an artistic space or craft bench. Garden rooms with storage are the best of both worlds, and a great way to take advantage of your outdoor spaces.

Metal Garden Storage Box

Metal garden storage boxes are an ideal alternative to larger, wooden sheds. For those looking for more modern garden storage, sleek metal provides a more stylish look rather than rustic wood, and its small profile and easy construction makes it perfect for temporary garden storage in rental properties. On top of that, a metal garden storage unit will stay strong in all weathers, making it the ideal place to store fabrics, logs or other items vulnerable to rain or snow.

Overlap Sheds

Overlap is a term used to describe the construction of a garden storage shed, or really any wooden structure. In basic terms, it means that the wood boards (or cladding) are laid partly on top of each other. This overlap makes for durable, long-lasting sheds, and also deter rainwater from seeping through gaps between boards. As a result, an overlap garden storage shed is not only a sturdy option for your storage, but it’s also a more versatile garden room that could be used for a workshop, home office or even a bedroom.

Corner Shed

If you have an oddly shaped garden, shopping for garden sheds can be tricky. With most traditional styles you would need a clear square or rectangular area on which to base your garden storage shed. Enter the corner shed. Small sheds like these are ideal for when you’re desperate for outdoor storage but can’t find the right spot for a large garden storage shed. They come in all shapes and sizes, but this one pictured above is even big enough to fit a small workshop.

Vehicle Stores

We’ve touched on bicycle stores, but what if you’re looking to shelter something a little larger? Thankfully, modern garden storage is set up to hold more than just a few deck chairs and DIY tools. Storage sheds like the one above are perfect for keeping motorbikes, lawnmowers or even cars, and are a much cheaper alternative to building a full-scale garage extension.

Plastic Garden Storage Sheds

So far we’ve seen wood and metal garden storage units, but plastic sheds can be just as durable and great value for money. Built from hard-wearing polycarbonate, plastic garden storage sheds can withstand the elements but are still lightweight enough to be used for temporary garden storage. Also, many plastic sheds don’t require the solid concrete base that wooden or metal sheds do, which saves time and money if you’re looking for a quick fix for your outdoor storage problems.

Insulated Garden Rooms

If you really want to transform your outdoor space and invest in some garden storage at the same time, consider an insulated garden room. Garden offices, studios and bedrooms have really taken off over the last few years as an easy way to enhance your home and revitalise your living spaces. Garden rooms with storage can make you feel like you’ve moved into a brand new home without all the hassle, and still have room to keep your outdoor essentials. They’re a great option for hosting, starting a home business, or even increasing the value of your property, without affecting the floorplan of the house itself.

Of course, these are just scratching the surface of what garden storage sheds can do for you and your outdoor spaces. Get creative, start planning, and make your garden space somewhere that works for you this decade!

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