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Depraved dad tried to persuade ’11-year-old’ to have s*x with her pet dog

A depraved dad who tried to get an 11-year-old girl to have s*x with her dog has been jailed for 16 months.about:blank

Harindapan Gill also demanded she perform oral s*x with a stranger while he listened over the phone and commit a s*x act with a hair brush in a month-long campaign, the ChronicleLive reports.

He made his sick demands after posing as a 13-year-old boy on social media on the Chat Avenue site on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Angels of Innocence paedophile hunters who were posing as the girl called Faye from Newcastle said they were left “physically sick”.

The married 32-year-old, who did later reveal his true age, quickly turned the conversation s*xual and bullied the child by calling her names such as “scared little girl” if she did not go along with what he said.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Muir told Newcastle Crown Court Gill the exchange was “one of the most extreme cases of this nature that we have seen, in relation to the requests”.

The court heard the adult from the London-based paedophile hunter group who was behind the fake child profile, was “physically sick” as a result of some of Gill’s shocking suggestions.

Gill, of Sunderland, admitted attempting to incite a child to engage in s*xual activities.

Recorder Keir Monteith QC sentenced him to 16 months behind bars with a s*xual harm prevention order and s*x offender registration for ten years and told him his requests were “depraved and extreme”.

The judge added: “You need to remind yourself, you wanted to have s*x with an 11-year-old, you wanted the 11-year-old to find a stranger to have s*x with, you wanted the 11-year-old to have s*x with a dog.”

The judge said Gill presents a “continuing risk of harm to the public”.

The court heard when the girl did provide Gill with a number, the conversations continued on social media and Whatsapp.

Miss Muir said Gill bragged about the size of his private parts and added: “He encourages her to find a stranger to perform oral s*x on, while he can listen on the phone.

“He tells her he will teach her how to have s*x but she must do as he says.

“When she objects he accuses her of being a liar and a scared little girl.”

The court heard Gill suggested he and the girl could “meet at McDonalds” to have s*x and offered to attend her home.

He then encouraged her to commit s*x acts by herself and with her dog.

Helen Towers, defending, said Gill, who works full time, had feelings of “loneliness and stress” when he committed the offence and his family are shocked at his behaviour.

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