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Father Dies While Helping Son Move into Arkansas State University Dorm

Facebook/Jeremy Tillman

Jeremy Tillman, 45, tragically passed away while assisting his son in moving into his dormitory at Arkansas State University this past weekend. University police were alerted about a non-responsive man on Danne Avenue on the campus at approximately 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Upon their arrival, they discovered Tillman on the ground. Despite the immediate CPR administered at the scene, Tillman’s condition deteriorated and he was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where he later succumbed, as reported by KAIT.

In a heartfelt statement, Arkansas State University expressed its condolences, with Chancellor Todd Shields emphasizing the university’s commitment to supporting the bereaved student, Jace Tillman, during this trying period.

Elizabeth Goodson, Tillman’s fiancé, hinted at the possibility of strenuous physical exertion being a contributing factor. Recounting the events, she mentioned that Tillman seemed evidently distressed upon entering the door during the move.

The tragedy is particularly poignant as Tillman and Goodson, who together had a family of 11 children, had just celebrated their engagement two months prior to the incident.

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