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Handmade Angel Wings

Handmade Angel Wings

Handmade Angel WingsHandmade angel wings are really easy to make and it will hardly cost you anything because the material used is very cheap and you can use it for a lot of things such as getting you kid ready for a costume party or yourself for Halloween.

Material used:

  • 11 plain white paper plates (3 for the center and 8 for the feathers)
  • 2 strips of ribbon–I used gold ribbon measuring about 23 inches, you can make yours longer or shorter as needed.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or marker for drawing cut lines


Step 1: First of draw out your cut lines. Leave an eye shape in the middle of the paper plate and cut it in the halves. You can draw the cut lines before you cut them.

Step 2: Then cut out all your feathers. The number of feathers depends on the size of the wings you are making.

Step 3: Plan it where you want your feathers to go. Don’t just glue them yet and put your feathers on both sides of the eye shaped paper plate and see how it fits.

Step 4: Take a pen and mark where you want your feathers to start and where to end.

After you are done with these steps, start gluing the feathers with a glue gun. Now the side of the plate that has glue on it and the feathers are attached, put another plate on it to hide it. Flip the plate over and get your arm straps ready. Use the start and finish of your feathers as a guideline. This time, put the glue on the plate and gently press the ribbon into it.

You may want to use the end of a pen or something so you don’t burn your fingers.To finish add some more glue for the final plate, this will help hold the ribbon in and make the whole thing more stable.Now pair it with a white robe or all-white clothes and you’ve got your angel costume.

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