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Family road TripsWine Regions

Think you cant go wine tasting with the kiddos? Think again. Wine Regions especially in North America offer tones of activities for the entire family. So you don’t have to keep yourself away from taking a few sips every now and then, while your kids have something even better to keep themselves busy with. My favorite is visiting wine regions in Oregon where they serve a 6$ bucket of steamer clamps. I don’t think that any idea of a recreational joy such as clamps is a better example of frugal ideas for family road trips.

National Parks

While taking a drive through national parks is an exceptional idea for a frugal trip, but take it up a notch and go camp at a local National park where you can have a wide range of activities to choose from including camping, hiking, fishing and swimming. Not only will this keep your entire family together, it serves as the perfect frugal family trip idea.

Scenic Drives

The soaring gas prices do raise a question of slight concern but scenic drives added with a few picnic spots and ventures planned out for the journey are one of my favorite ideas for a frugal trip. Not only does it get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city but it will also be a very economical way of enjoying your vacation.  Although you might want to make sure that you have emergency entertainment planned well in advance. Scenic drives are one of my favorite frugal ideas for planning family road trips.

Waterfront Park Pavilions

If you don’t have a pool or a lake nearby, take your favorite family with you and drive to the nearest lagoon and enjoy splashing in the water with your family and your friends. Apart from the tickets to the pool park, there is little that will be getting out of your pockets. Try this on your next frugal family trip and you won’t be disappointed.

Tailgating Events

If you’re going around taking your children to junior league soccer or have to go pick your wife up while your favorite teams batting in the game, you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun. There are no rules on what you can or can’t do. Just pack your food and whatever gear you need and hop on to your trunk in the parking lot with the gang and this can be the easiest way to getting about a frugal trip.

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