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How to make Wind chimes

Wind chimes

Wind chime has many rituals attached to it from the past. Some people take its music as the message of peace and harmony and it is very easy to make to.

Wind chimes are getting popularity since ages. Wind chime has many rituals attached to it. In older times people used to make wind chimes with shells, bones and bamboos and hanged it on some trees. They believed that it will bring good luck to them and their families. Some people take music created by wind chimes as a sound of peace and harmony as there is some nature power attached to it.

In this age people usually use wind chimes to make their places beautiful. People hang wind chimes outside their main doors, in rooms or on trees in their garden. As time has passed the power of nature attached to it has decreased its value and people now consider it more as a beautiful gift to their loved ones.

We can observe different kinds of attractive wind chimes with different beautiful colors. It is not very difficult to make a wind chime. Just follow some simple instructions and build your own stunning wind chime.

Tools and things you need for wind chime

  • Small cylinders or metallic
  • Strings and wires
  • Screw drivers
  • Cutter
  • Nut drivers
  • Needles

Find Material for wind chime

  • Make your mind about what kind of wind chime you want to make
  • Try finding related stuff from your home
  • Find wasted stuff like cans, bamboos or anything which can create sound on striking
  • If you cannot find anything from home then go to market and bring related stuff

Making of wind chime

1. Take the cylindrical or hollow bamboos of equal weight. Weight must be slight so that it can swing with the air. (You can use anything made of metal or plastic which creates sound on striking for wind chime.)
2. Cut those cylinders of equal size and shape.
3. Color them according to your taste.
4. Now attach strings of equal length to all the cylinders.
5. Now strike these cylinders with each other and hear the music it creates. If you want to change the music you can improvise your cylinders.
6. Now pick some plate material in round shape. (You can make wind chime of different shapes like rod, star etc.)
7. Drill holes in it.
8. Now take the needle and pass the string through the holes with its help and tie all the strings together at one end.

Your wind chime is ready to be hanged at a place where breeze can strike the cylinders and amazing melody can be generated.

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