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How to Make Money with Crafts

Earn Money with Crafts

Earn Money with CraftsMany women wish to make money from crafts, especially if they have a talent and their friends suggest they should start selling their crafts because they are interested in buying. When you already have a skill, there is no harm in turning it to a home business and money making craft.

Crafts such as making candles, cushion embroidery, patch work quilting, handmade jewellery, knitting and crochet, sewing baby clothes, flower arrangements, T shirt printing, greeting cards, pot painting, soap making and gift baskets are all money making crafts and can be done from home. Here are some tips that will help you make money from crafts at home:

1. Identify Your Area Of Expertise

If you wish to make money from crafts, choose the skill which is your strength. It isn’t necessary that you start with multiple crafts. You can always expand your range once your business has kicked off. For example if you wish to start with patch work, start by making patch work cushions and table mats and if the feedback is positive, expand your business and introduce patch work quilts, pillow sets, bed spreads and throws, etc.

2. Research Your Market

Market analysis and research is another important factor to consider before beginning any business whether big or small. You need to learn who your competitors are, what are they currently selling and how can you add a new touch and offer something different in your crafts. If you want to make money from crafts, you need to procure your supplies from a wholesale vendor with quality stuff and competitive prices. A research of the sort will help you know your options. This feasibility will help you determine your sale price and cost of goods.

3. Decide A Work Place

Once you are done with your research, find a studio or work place for yourself. Check if you need any license to operate. Initiate your work and look out how you can add value to your crafts while keeping the price as reasonable as possible. At the same time, market your crafts, so by the time you are finished, there are prospective buyers who are willing to buy your stuff.

Start marketing by getting a rack at the super market or the book store where there is maximum visibility of your crafts. Make a blog or website to sell your crafts online. Tell your customers to leave back a review so that more clients place orders. Attend local craft fairs and meet other craftsmen and women and find out how they cut their costs and yet offer good stuff. Attending fairs will give you an idea of the crafts offered in the market and how to be more innovative.

4. Pursue Your Passion

If you have made up your mind, bring the idea through. In order to earn good profits, you need to be committed to your work. You may have to face a few hiccups in the initial phase but once one process life cycle is complete, you learn from your mistakes and can always improve your ideas and craft business.

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