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Easy To Make Plastic Flowers

Easy To Make Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers Pictures

With help of disposable plastic bags at home you can craft lot of flowers quickly. These are easy to make and are beautiful indeed.

Things required:

  • Cotton sticks
  • Number of colorful plastic bags
  • Scissors
  • Drinking straws

How to Craft Plastic Bags Flowers

Cut a cotton stick in half. It will serve as two flower centers.

Fold plastic bags to get at least four layers of plastic films

Insert half cotton stick into the middle of the plastic film and wrap it around.

Tighten the plastic film around the cotton stick by giving it some twists.

Now firmly insert the plastic film along cotton stick into the plastic straw

Cut away the extra plastic film making a rough circle around the cotton stick.

Your plastic flower is ready.

You can make as creative plastic flowers as you like playing with different shapes and colors.

Points to consider:

Cut away extra handles of plastic bags.

Spray little perfume on cotton of cotton bud.

Dye cotton of cotton sticks to make them more beautiful.

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