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Delicate Art of Flower Making

The art of flower making is indeed very delicate but once you are efficient in this art, you can give your home a lively atmosphere with these delicate paper or tissue flowers in a variety of designs and vast range of colors. Best thing about the art of making flowers at home is that, it is very economical. It is a time taking activity but through this art you can create everlasting beautiful flowers. The procedure of making delicate flowers at home is given in steps.

Material to Make Flowers

First of all the material you need to make flowers is:

  • Tissue paper/ crepe paper of different colors
  • Thin florist wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Green Ribbon (for the stem)
  • Florist tap

Flower Making Step 1

Step 1:

Cut your tissue paper into square pieces so that you may work smoothly. Take a piece of florist wire and twist it around a piece of white tissue paper. Crumple the paper into a ball around the twisted edge of wire.

Flower Making Step 2

Step 2:

Take a piece of colored tissue paper of your own choice and wrap it around the crumpled paper ball. Twist the remaining tissue paper around the base of the paper ball. Secure the remaining tissue paper on the wire stem with florist tape.

Flower Making Step 3

Step 3:

Take a piece of pre-cut tissue and fold it into a rectangle. Fold it further into a square. Cut the open/unfolded side of the paper in a round shape. Decorative edge scissors can also be used to create a frilly edge of the petals. Repeat this step twice or thrice with other tissue papers of different colors.

Flower Making Step 4

Step 4:

Cut the mid-point of the petals off. Insert the wire stem in the petals through the small hole. Pinch the petals just under the stamen and secure with florist tape.

Flower Making Step 5

Step 5:

Wrap glossy ribbon around the stem and fix it tightly either with a fancy knot or you may also use a common pin. Repeat this procedure with as many wire stems as you want. You can prepare bouquets in different colors.

Making Flowers

Step 7:

If you use crepe paper, dipping the petals in wax makes them glossy. Melt wax or candle stubs in a double boiler over hot water and dip the finished flower into the melted wax and gently shake off the droplets of wax and allow it to dry. I repeat only if you are using crepe paper or cloth then apply this step. Flowers made by tissues are very delicate. It should not be done with them.

Following these simple steps you can decorate your house with flowers of every color and without the fear of their withering away.

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