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Midnight Bear Break-In: Elderly Colorado Woman Narrowly Escapes

Bear attack woman
(Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

In a shocking encounter, an 82-year-old Colorado woman found herself face-to-face with a small black bear that had broken into her home. The incident, which took place shortly after midnight near Boncarbo, west of Trinidad, left the woman with minor scratches.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shared details in a press release, explaining that the bear, likely a cub or young yearling due to its size, had made its way into the woman’s residence. Woken up by the noise and her dog’s growls, the elderly woman found the bear in her mudroom. A brief scuffle ensued, with the bear leaping at her. Thankfully, she managed to fend off the animal and confine it to the mudroom.

The bear, seemingly disoriented, climbed a shelf and made its exit through an open window screen.

Mike Brown, the CPW area wildlife manager, stated, “Any such incident prioritizes human safety. Our officers are actively trying to locate the bear. Fortunately, the woman only suffered minor scratches.” The elderly resident opted not to seek medical attention.

According to CPW protocols, any bear that injures a person is considered dangerous and, once captured, will be “humanely euthanized”. A trap has been set near the woman’s home in anticipation of the bear’s return.

This wasn’t an isolated event; it marked the second bear incident in the Trinidad region within two weeks. Previously, a black bear had bitten a camper lounging in a hammock in the Purgatoire River bottoms. Although the camper suffered a deep wound, the bear soon retreated.

Officials emphasized that the two incidents seem unrelated. With this latest occurrence, Colorado has now witnessed four bear attacks this year.

It’s not just Colorado facing these challenges. Last month, a jogger in Asheville, North Carolina had a hair-raising encounter with a bear while out on her run.

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