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Marketing and Sales Careers for Women

Marketing and Sales Careers for Women

Marketing and Sales Careers for WomenNo business can flourish if its sales and marketing department is not functioning with its utmost abilities. The marketing and related departments are among the basic pillars of the business. The capital payback and profit making depends a lot on the sales and marketing other than the rest of the operations of a business.

However, it was once believed that the men are more suitable for the marketing jobs than the women. This has been proved to be wrong over the past few decades. Women have emerged as an equally beneficial human power for the sales jobs. They have done wonderful marketing campaigns for some of the largest selling items around the world. They have designed some of the most successful marketing plans and have made their mark in the as demanding jobs as sales and marketing.

Since marketing jobs for women are a bit technical and much of the revenue of the company depends on that, there are a couple of attributes that you should possess if you are looking for a job in sales and marketing.

  • Communication skills

For a sales job, whether it is an indoor or a field job, you need to meet a lot of people from all walks of life; and for that you need to have good communication skills and speaking abilities. Since you’re the one who’s going to sell that product or service that you’re offering in the market, you need to have some good conviction power as well.

  • Pleasant personality

It is really important for a sales person or a sales executive to have a pleasant personality for the same reason, as said above; you need to see a lot of people. You should be paying a little attention to your personal hygiene and your attire. You should be dressed up simply but sophisticatedly.

  • Know your product

Try to get to know the complete portfolio of the company before taking up the job. You should know what you would be selling and what will be your target market.

  • Know the marketing tactics

It is essential that you have a specialized degree in marketing to perform the job to the best of your abilities. Sales and marketing for women is a bit technical so you need to know the theoretical knowledge of marketing before hand.

Sales and marketing is a wider term and it has much to offer when it comes to getting a job in the said field. There are mainly two categories in sales and marketing where women can pursue their careers:

Field jobs

These jobs mainly focus on the following:

  • Collect the data directly from the customers
  • Spread awareness about the product among the masses.
  • Work with the wholesalers and the media in the field.

Executive jobs

These are mainly indoor jobs that take care of the sales at corporate level

  • They design the advertising campaigns.
  • They foresee the investments and expected revenues in the marketing division.
  • They make their brand available to the masses.
  • They make strategies to compete with the competitors.
  • They do research in the market to improve the sales and search new potential markets.

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