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How to Establish Authority as a Startup Business

Startup Business
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When customers and other businesses interact with your startup, they need to have faith in your product and services. Establishing authority as a startup is difficult, which means you need to rely on optics more than anything else.

For example, a powerful brand backed by market research will take you a long way. Throughout this article, we’ll let you know how to create the illusion of authority as a startup business.

Business Address

The nature of a startup business means you may be operating from a computer in a room at your parent’s house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appear more professional and put together.

Putting your home address on business cards, your website, and socials won’t send the right message to your customers – and you don’t want disgruntled people turning up on your doorstep while you’re winding down to a bit of Netflix on a Friday evening.

You can easily create business contact details for email, phone, and mail. Attached to your web hosting provider, you will likely have unlimited free “@business.com” email addresses. When it comes to the phone, you can use a VoIP line, which runs from a mobile app and will be contactable via a landline number. Finally, you can set up a Delaware business address to receive your mail online. All mail will be uploaded to view online, and any packages will be forwarded by fully vetted associates.

Create a Website

Many businesses have ditched physical locations, which means they rely on websites to attract customers. If you haven’t got a website, there’s no chance of customers finding your products and services – even if you have social media.

A simple static website won’t cut it these days because people expect the latest technology used on sites they visit. Therefore, it needs to be interactive and have some form of artificial intelligence, whether that be to offer personalized promotions or as a chatbot. Further, your website needs to be attractive and informative. After all, if you had a physical shop, customers wouldn’t visit if it looked untidy without staff on hand to help.

Having Powerful Branding

Your brand needs to be recognizable across all platforms including your website, emails, and social media. This isn’t as simple as sticking a great logo on all communication. Instead, you need to consider the quality of every product, your interaction with customers, and your company goals. If you’re struggling to create a solid brand, hire a branding expert to lend you a helping hand.

Publishing Quality Content

Whether you’re posting on social media or creating a blog post, every piece of content needs to have a purpose. After all, when people find your business online, they’re looking for a solution to their problems. If you can’t answer their questions, they’re more likely to turn to your competitors.

Take Home

Before your startup hits the big time, you need to give off the illusion that you’ve got everything together (even if you haven’t). Making sure you’ve got business contact details, a quality website, and a solid brand will put you in a great position.

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