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Best Paying Careers for Women

best paying careers for women

best paying careers for womenGone are the days when women were restricted to home, children and family. Nowadays women work force is increasing very fast from all over the world. The industrial revolution, economic conditions and an urge to spend a quality life make women professional and working.

Now women are more crazy and passionate towards their careers and career growth. That is why women tend to study male oriented subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Engineering, Computer Engineering and Hardworking, Graphic Designing etc. due to this passion towards their careers and career growth, young girls are getting high and top grades as compare to boys.

NO women present the fast growing portion of the work force. Because of the present economic conditions all over the world, huge number of women work force came into the job market to find best paying careers and lucrative jobs like CEO, CFO, CCO, GM, DG, etc. They are not only enjoying their best paying careers but also boost their careers with the fast growing work force ratio. By these incredible and tremendous achievements, one can’t deny the remarkable and fabulous triumph of women in professional fields.

Women now realize their potentials and worth, so can’t agree on low level or low paid job which do not match with their qualification, skills and potentials.

Women become more enthusiastic and crazy for finding best paying careers and lucrative jobs as per their qualification, skills and experiences. This article contains list of best paying careers and highly paid jobs for women. By reading this article, a woman can easily find list of best paying careers and jobs as per her requirements and qualification.

Best Paying Careers for Women:


  • Anesthesiologists:  today, Anesthesiology is the best paying career for women. Women, who choose this career, earn the high salary as compare to other careers. Although an anesthesiologist invest high amount of time, money and effort to become an anesthesiologist but the reward is very fruitful and make one’s whole life. According to a medical journal, a woman anesthesiologist earns $50,000 salary per year as compare to other careers.


  • Pharmacists: Pharmacy is the second best paying career for women to choose. A woman who wants to be pharmacists can earn the highest salary of estimated at $106,410 yearly. Beside the high paid salary, numerous lucrative incentives are also waiting for her. So a pharmacist is another high paid job for women now days.


  • Lawyers: Law is the third high paying career for women.  A lawyer woman can easily earn $124,750 salary per year and other hidden incentives and facilities are also there.


  • Engineering: The fourth best paying career for women is engineering. It is, now days consider as a fast growing and best paying career path for women also. A woman can be happy and satisfy with her career growth if she chooses engineering as a career. The salary and other facilities are lucrative and fruitful.

Computer and IT Managers

  • Computer and IT Managers: Computer and IT related jobs are yet another promising and best paying career for women of now days. Computer and IT managers are the top executives and consider as a back bone of any organization. A huge number of organizations pay high salary and other fringe benefits to their computer and IT managers.

Management Analysts

  • Management Analysts: Management Analysts are the whole sole of any business. They are responsible for creating and proposing improvements with in a business to increase its productivity and efficiency. A woman who wants to choose this career path can earn $92,920 salary per year.

Despite of some of these very lucrative and best paying careers, there are hundreds of other fields and careers that would be very beneficial for women like HR Management, Software Engineering, Computer and Java Scripting, Speech Pathologists and therapists etc.

Now it’s up to you to choose any one of the best paying career from the above list and spend your personal and professional life in an enjoyable and smooth manner.

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