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Top Careers for Females

top career for females

top career for femalesGone are the days when nursing, teaching and secretarial jobs were considered to be purely women related jobs. Now, women are growing in all fields and professions with full vigor and zest. With the growing advent of industrial revolution and present economic recession, women market value has increased. Now a days, a huge number of women are being hired at top level positions like CEO, CFO and CCO etc.

Now not only in professional or corporate world, we see hundreds and thousands of women working in defense fields also. There are female cadets, female army officers, female lieutenant colonel, and female pilots. Women have even proved their abilities as astronauts and have marked a bench.

We can’t deny the fabulous and tremendous endeavors of women toward their career growth and in all professions and all walks of life. According to a research, a woman would prove to be a good, cooperative and organized boss as compared to men. She can handle, manage and solve the queries and work related issues in a very manageable and organized way. But ironically beside these fantastic facts, the reality is bitter and very different especially towards women career growth and top careers for females as compare to their male counter parts.

Women hardly get well paid jobs in comparison to men. Even in today’s modern world, women remain concentrated in low-paying sectors like factory workers, secretarial and administrative assistants, nurses, mid wives and teachers. It’s very hard for a woman to strive for a higher level or top level position. Read on to know the top careers for females.

Top Career for Females:

  • Chief Executive Officer CEO job is number one top career for females. Majority of the females desire to be a CEO or COO of a company. It is a fact that now females are earning more business degrees than ever. To become a CEO or COO of a company is not a fantasy anymore. Just little hard work, a qualified attitude and a business degree can lead you females all the way up to becoming CEO.

CEO Career for Females

  • The second top career for females is engineering. It is yet another best paid and fastest growing field. Unfortunately a very low ratio of females comes to this field. But by choosing engineering as a top career, a female can be happy and satisfied with not only the job but with the salary package and fringe benefits also.

Career for Females is Engineering

  • Defense fields; such as army, navy or air force are the third most promising and top career for females. It is known to be the most respectable, worthwhile and prestigious job. Although it’s a male dominated field but women can overwhelmingly do a lot in this field also. This non traditional job would be very attractive to women because entry level salary packages are very good and satisfactory.

Defense fields Career for Females

  • Computer programming, software engineering and development, web designing, graphic designing and java scripting are yet another top career for females to carry. These IT based jobs are highly paid, secure and creative. The career growth in IT field is boosting day by day so this can also be a top career for any female.

Females Computer Programming

In addition to these jobs, there are numerous other fields and careers like medicine, journalism, art and craft, entrepreneurship, transportation etc waiting for women stream to come join and enjoy their career growth with fun and fantastic salary packages.

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