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Letter: Social Security recipients forgotten in stimulus efforts

Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives. All, excluding rich and wealthy, have received three stimulus checks. Unemployed has received the bonus, even businesses are not hiring people because they are getting unemployment incentives.

A raise has been recorded through the total number of children and this summer a monthly child credit payout will be delivered instead of lump-sum tax time.

A part of the population did not see a bonus with their monthly income and they are collecting Social Security. This year a small raise has been observed but monthly Medicare payments have adjusted the raise. Many elderly have no pensions, they rely only on social security. They have a high medical cost and it is hard to live with social security.

Some of them are accessing the food pantries to get jobs because food prices have increased. Therefore, why wasn’t the elderly didn’t get monetary assistance during this time?

So why wasn’t this segment of our population given any additional monetary assistance during this unprecedented time?

Cathy Kern
North Tonawanda

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