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Living Room LayOut Ideas: Place a Bookcase Behind Your Sofa

Monochrome Wonder

Though there are few concrete rules to laying out a living room’s furniture (each space is different, after all), some might agree that putting a furniture piece directly in front of another furniture piece would be like double parking in your living room.

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There’s one notable and stylish exception to this, though, and that’s putting a bookcase or shelving system behind your sofa. Here are seven spaces proving this look works — and perhaps inspiring your own living room arrangement!

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A turquoise tufted sofa shines with an open gold shelf backing it up. Via Design*Sponge.


Even a sectional can see some shelf-behind-it action, creating a wonderful and cozy nook. This spotted on Better Homes and Gardens.

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The sofa and bookshelf don’t have to be the same width to be paired together; other home elements can be used to balance things out. Designed by Michael Penney.

Seen on Cup of Jo

For a rental where you can’t add wallpaper to the wall, a bookshelf behind a sofa can be an awesome way to add pattern. Seen on Cup of Jo.

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A tall, towering storage unit behind a sofa can really set a dramatic tone for an entire space. Seen on Design Sponge.

Monochrome Wonder

Weird room layouts and architectural element placement can make putting a sofa behind the sofa the smartest choice.

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Monochrome Wonder

You can always go low, too, for a great bookcase-behind-the-sofa look. Seen on Lovely Life.

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