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Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget

wedding food ideas on a budget

wedding food ideas on a budgetWedding is the season that calls for excitement, happiness and of course big expenditures. When it comes to making a budget of your wedding, you should plan intelligently. Though, we all want to have a great and wonderful wedding, but there is a misconception that you can only have a big one by spending hefty amount of money. However, one should always keep in mind that you can arrange a lavish wedding dinner while staying within your budget lines.

If you have a tight budget and still you want to serve your guests with a wonderful dinner on your wedding, we have got some wonderful wedding food ideas that will make your affair an exciting one without putting burden on your pocket.

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  • Stay Simple

While working on your wedding food ideas, try to stay simpler and classy. If you want to serve your guests with the best, that doesn’t means that you need to include complex menu with lavish dishes. Instead, you can things better by thinking in a simpler yet creative way.

  • Browse the options on budget

While you are planning your wedding food ideas on a budget, it would be great if you list down the food options that fit perfectly within your set budget. The best idea is to browse all the options so that in the end you can pick up the best that suits rightly as per your guests’ taste and according to your occasion needs.

  • Go for Pasta

When it comes to pick out the food on a budget, pasta is a real good option and a good budget stretcher. To make your wedding menu interesting and lavish, you can go for a pasta bar with different types and shapes of cooked pasta. To make your Pasta bar more lavish, you can include a small variety of sauces and tasty add-ons like red sauce, white sauce, meatballs, sausages, grated cheese, chicken chunks, meat sauce etc. You can also add a simple tossed salad to your pasta bar to make it classy.

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  • Arrange a Taco Bar

Having a taco bar is a wonderful wedding food idea on budget, as it will make your menu interesting. In your taco bar you can have soft and hard tortillas with meat, cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced or chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, canned jalapenos, sliced black olives. To give it a yummier side, don’t forget to include sour cream and salsa, as it wouldn’t cost you heavier, but will definitely give it a lavish look. Give your taco bar a look of complete treat by adding extra chips, fruit salad and finger-licking nacho sauce.

  • Have a Potato Bar

If you want to make your wedding menu interesting and lavish without putting extra burden on your pocket, then you should surely try an idea of having a potato bar. Potatoes are all time favorite of almost all and are served as both appetizer and main course. A potato bar on your wedding will definitely be a hit. On your potato bar, you can have large baked potatoes served with sour cream and chopped onion with some bacon bits and chives. To make it more filling, you can add grated cheese, bar-be-qued beef, chopped ham and tossed salad in your potato bar.

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  • Make your beverages simple

While you are planning your wedding food on a budget, don’t put on too much on beverages and drinks. While selecting the beverages, try to pull out yourself a bit to avoid extra expenses. You can have simpler choices of beverages such as a punch or a choice of unsweetened or sweetened iced tea and water. To make your beverages expense within budget, try to avoid alcohol. For a toast, you can replace the expensive wine and champagne with a simple punch or ginger ale.

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