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Hit the Rock music on Cambridge Rock Festival 2011

hit the rock music on cambridge rock festival 2011

hit the rock music on cambridge rock festival 2011Cambridge Rock Festival 2011 will begin from Thursday August 4th till Sunday August 11th. The location of the grand festival where entertainment will be provided to the rock fans is at Haggis Farm Polo Club, Barton, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. The amazing part of the Cambridge Rock Festival 2011 is that it costs nearly early 79 pounds for the whole weekend. For that, tickets can be bought online as well. Basically, this is a weekend festival where there will be classic music and a tinge of every other kind of music such as a bit of folk rock, jazz rock, funk, ska, latin fusion and blues too.

Cambridge Rock Festival like the previous ones seems like another big hit in the year 2011. There will be come-back appearances by the famous personalities such as Panic Room and Chantel McGregor who will track their great sets which were done last year. This year’s festival with anticipation we hope to see both of them higher up any the schedule. Usually, Autumn used to be on high demand yet again this fourth year running will prove this to be true.

Most notably of all the rock singers in the Cambridge Rock Festival, Heather Findlay will be seen playing with her new band. Their song will be featured by Chris Johnson, Steve Vantis, Dave Kilminster and Alex Cromarty. This will be Heather’s first appearance as a solo artist in the Rock Festival. Despite the heated arguments on the festival’s forum regarding the high profile headlines and public support given to her to begin her solo career, we should remember that she had launched her career as a solo artist even by playing in some summer festivals. Thus, her playing in Cambridge Rock Festival 2011 is justified. It makes some sense that the artist doesn’t have a full album’s worth of material to promote in this Rock Festival.

 People are waiting for both Stolen Earth and Chris Johnson’s Parade to perform in the Festival and a lot of hype is created regarding their name on the bill. Other rock artists performing in the festival are: the Quireboys, Eddie amd the Hortods, the Big Band, the Hamsters, The Enid, Caravan, Credo and many more. The Rock festival has four stages. The main stage and stage two of the festival is sponsored by BBC Radio Cambridge shire. Stage will be introduced on the Thursday, Classic Rock society on Friday and Rotary Rock on last two days. The Buskers stage and the access to music stage will be dedicated to young musicians on the rock festival.

A condition is that the ticket purchaser agrees to appear in photographs, DVDs or any media recorded at the festival by the festival agents.

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