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Prince Andrew ‘Homeless And Broke’ After Queen Elizabeth Disowned Him

Prince Andrew, the third child of Queen Elizabeth and Duke of York, had close ties to American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was a convicted sex trafficker. This connection made him the world’s most hated member of the royal family.

According to New Idea, the queen stood by Prince Andrew’s side even after he was linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell but there was one deed that the queen found unforgivable.

Prince Andrew, allegedly, allowed Kevin Spacey and Maxwell to make fun of the queen and Prince Philip when they sat on the royal couple’s coronation thrones in the restricted area of Buckingham Palace.

According to a royal insider: “She has already stripped Andrew of his public royal role, banned him from representing the crown, and drastically cut his allowance over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein.”

“And still it keeps getting worse. Charles and William are urging her to kick him out of his royal residences —St. James [Palace] and Windsor Lodge — and take his ex-wife [Sarah Ferguson] with him,” the insider revealed.

“The queen was always reticent to come down too hard on Andrew because of how it might affect his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, who she is very fond of,” the source concludes, “but she’s starting to see Charles and William’s side of things.

However, it is important to mention here that Prince Andrew is still at his home, the Royal Lodge and almost nothing has changed for him.

Moreover, the Duke of York was at the Royal Chapel with the rest of the royal family to mourn, which means that he’s still not exiled from his family.

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